Ms Carola Veit during her opening remarks

On 3 – 5 September 2017, Hamburg hosted the 26th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC), which paid specific attention to more nuanced discussions on science cooperation under the title “Innovative Science”. Baltic Science Network (BSN) was one of the central discussion topics of the notable gathering of Baltic Sea Region´s (BSR) parliamentarians.

In her opening remarks, Ms Carola Veit elaborated on the choice of science being one of the discussion topics with a focus on the complexity of interaction between science community and politicians. Her remarks provided a valuable insight in the role evidence-based research should play in making the ever-increasing complexity of scientific findings and science developments more understandable to society. It serves also as an inspiring guidance to BSN in its on-going interaction with wider audiences.

Mr Olaf Scholz, First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, outlined BSN as an example mirroring the importance Hamburg attaches to its engagement in the BSR cooperation.

Ambassador Maira Mora, Director General of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Secretariat, during the session dedicated to science and research reflected on the Baltic Science Network as an example of practical steps taken towards the implementation of decade-long CBSS discussions. Likewise, she invited the parliamentarians to support BSN implementation through enhanced expert discussions, which would engage both BSN members and parliamentarians responsible for science and research matters. Such national consultations would be of a great value in light of the upcoming BSN national action plans.

The role of BSN as one of the key initiatives for BSR-wide coordinated advancement of research excellence and scientific competitiveness was also featured in other remarks presented by such speakers as Ambassador Hans Olsson, current CBSS Swedish Presidency Chairman of the Committee of Senior Officials, and Jānis Vucāns, Vice President and Chair of the Latvian delegation to the Baltic Assembly.

Last but not least, the Resolution of 26th BSPC captures the essence of the conference´s discussions by noting BSN as a valuable macro-regional platform for targeted support to research cooperation. Further encouragement to the science and research cooperation aimed at ensuring global competitiveness was also expressed through an agreement that successful advancement of this domain on a macro-regional scale will demand increased investments. The 26th BSPC serves as the next major occasion of BSN endorsement by the parliamentarians (representing BSR countries) after the 22nd Baltic Council.

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