Baltic Science Network acknowledges the value of the motto ‘sharing borders, growing closer’ of the celebration of the European Cooperation Day, since the Network is inherently dependent on solutions mapped on the basis of mutual understanding and joint commitment. There is no better way how to describe Baltic Science Network´s modus operandi then ʹto go far, go togetherʹ, since advancement of research excellence, which is the thematic focus of the Network, is dependent on vibrant interactions between the most promising minds and policy-makers supporting their aspirations. Baltic Science Network´s seminar “Creating the future of the Baltic Sea Region: Better competitiveness through joint research cooperation?” serves as the best example in this respect.

During the first half of the project implementation the Network members have gathered on several occasions to reflect on national, transnational and European research mobility schemes, as showcased by the list of Network´s publications. This notable body of analysis will facilitate the on-going drafting of multilaterally implementable new solutions to the existing shortfalls in the Baltic Sea Region-wide researcher mobility patterns.

This notable work has received a landslide of high-level acknowledgements, starting from Baltic Science Network being endorsed during the first Science Ministerial of the Council of the Baltic Sea States, then receiving the flagship status of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and being recognised by the Baltic Assembly and Baltic Council of Ministers, finally, being supported by the parliamentarians, as showcased by the Resolution of the 26th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference.

Therefore, in the context of this year´s celebrations, Baltic Science Network would like to wish insightful collaboration to other networks, who share the spirit of the European Cooperation Day and are working towards building more prosperous Baltic Sea Region and whole Europe. In order to reconfirm the Network´s openness to new perspectives and continuous interest in taking stock of the vibrant Europe-wide discussions revolving around research mobility and support measures for research excellence, all parties interested in this debate are warmly welcome to join the upcoming Baltic Science Network´s transnational seminar in Tallinn. This much-awaited event will testify that the European cooperation is not just appreciated for one day a year, but it is a value upheld by many stakeholders, as showcased in their day-to-day work towards building result-oriented closer ties with like-minded peers.

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