BSN Discussed During the CBSS Baltic Sea Science Day 2018

On 25 January 2018, the CBSS Baltic Sea Science Day 2018 took place in the framework of the 5th Rectors´ Conference of the Baltic University Programme hosted by the Åbo Akademi University on the occasion of its centenary celebrations. Baltic Science Network was one of the major topics of discussions.

Baltic Science Network started 2018 by introducing universities across the Baltic Sea Region and beyond it to the recently chosen thematic areas, the latest findings on the Matthew Effect in the European Research Area and the importance of continued implementation of measures tailored for widening participation and spreading excellence.

Klaus von Lepel, Director of the Baltic Science Network, introduced universities´ leadership as well as national and macro-regional policy experts to the recently chosen three thematic areas – life sciences, photon or neutron sciences, as well as welfare state. Likewise, the second CBSS Baltic Sea Science Day allowed to highlight the most recent findings produced by the Baltic Science Network. Conclusions of the reports dedicated to the Mathew Effect in the European Research Area´s setting as well as the role of spreading excellence and widening measures in engaging the EU-13 countries (based in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR)) in the EU Framework Programmes were presented.

Further details of the Baltic Science Network´s on-going work were outlined during the parallel workshop titled “International cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region – a major factor for success – research, innovation and mobility” which benefited from the insights in the mobility tools offered by the Swedish Institute. Ms Monika Wirkkala, Head of Talent Mobility Unit at the Swedish Institute, informed about the new call aimed at strengthening the academic cooperation, exchange and mobility for the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia.

Following the Baltic Science Network meeting held last April, the CBSS Baltic Sea Science Day 2018 was a much appreciated occasion for returning to the campus of Åbo Akademi University in order to discuss researchers´ mobility with the universities´ leadership.

The slides presented by Mr Klaus von Lepel is accessible here.
The CBSS press release is accessible here.
The brochure of the 5th Rectors Conference of the Baltic University Programme is accessible here.

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