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Photo credit: Vladimir Mayorov / UNECON


On 7 June 2018, Baltic Sea Region University Network (BSRUN) arranged its Annual Forum in St. Petersburg. The event was organised in cooperation with Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON).

The Annual Forums are always dedicated to certain current topic in the field of higher education. This year the topic was “Implementing University Strategy and Mobilities”.

The event featured many good practices examples from universities within the Baltic Sea Region. The good practice examples were presented from different perspectives: university strategies, managing international mobility and mobility programmes perspectives.

Among examples of good practices, the work of Baltic Science Network and its Work Package “Mobility in Research and Higher Education” brought a broader view on the transnational research cooperation trends. Tadas Juknevičius presented ten challenges in the Baltic Sea Region mobility, as identified in the Baltic Science Network Working Paper “Challenges to Researchers´ Mobility in the Baltic Sea Region”. Some approaches were also suggested for further consideration in view of modelling responses to the identified challenges. Mari Leino presented the results of the Baltic Science Network Working Paper “Researcher Mobility Tools in the Baltic Sea Region”. 


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Photo credit: Vladimir Mayorov / UNECON

In the following discussion, the audience highlighted that better dissemination of information about the Baltic Sea Region and its offered opportunities is the key. Increasing awareness and making it easy to find information about research, projects and mobility opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region is very important, if we wish to see more mobility in the macro-region.

BSRUN Annual Forum was attended by more than 80 people from eight countries.