BSN Riga Welfare Expert Group, picture 1

Second meeting of the Baltic Science Network welfare state expert group was held under the helm of the Latvian CBSS Presidency. Welfare state research offers plenty of opportunities to address several issues faced by the inhabitants of various ages living across the Baltic Sea Region.

On 29 August 2018, the Baltic Science Network (BSN) welfare state expert group met for the second time in order to dwell into the details of the draft Working Paper which will capture the main findings of this ad-hoc consultative body. In order to ensure that the conclusions and recommendations crafted by the expert group are prepared with an overall awareness regarding the findings and acknowledgements presented by the key forums of the Baltic Sea Region, a number of presentations were planned during the first part of the meeting. Thereby, the work of BSN and its consultative bodies are continuously being developed in close alignment with the latest thinking of the key political forums, which have endorsed it during earlier years.

First and foremost, consultations among welfare state experts benefited from broader insights offered by Ambassador Juris Bone, Chair of the Council of the Baltic Sea States Committee of Senior Officials, on the Latvian Presidency´s priorities and the acknowledgement of ideas presented by the CBSS Vision Group on science, research and innovation cooperation. Likewise, Latvia´s on-going discussions on remigration were briefly outlined by Māra Rūse, chair of the Global Latvians NGO (Ar pasaules pieredzi Latvijā - in Latvian).

The Riga gathering took place right after the 27th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference held in Mariehamn. Since the Resolution covers labour issues, the Riga meeting of BSN welfare state expert group benefited from insights offered by Daria Akhutina, Senior Adviser on Economic Issues of the CBSS Secretariat and co-chair of the BSN welfare state expert group, on the proceedings of the annual gathering of parliamentarians. One of the prominent topics of the debates held among the politicians and relevant stakeholders was a need to properly address the challenges of an aging population. Thus, the BSN welfare state expert group convenes at a telling time when its suggestions match the overall priorities of the political agenda.

BSN Riga Welfare Expert Group, picture 2

The Riga consultations were finalised with full appreciation of the progress achieved in finalising the Working Paper which will be presented to wider audiences at the end of September.

Photos of the Riga visit are accessible on the CBSS album “Baltic Science Network Discussions in Riga”.

Press release published by the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Baltic Science Network experts meet in Riga to discuss cooperation opportunities in higher education, science and research”.