Covid-19 / Corona virus impact on BARI

We are well aware that due to the Covid-19/Corona crisis many of you might worry whether it will be save to go abroad for an internship or to host a foreign student during the summer months. Additionally, it is not foreseeable how changes in the security and regulatory compliance will affect your plans.

Please do not be deterred by this worries from your application in BARI if you are interested in the research internships – we are looking forward to your application!. We fully understand that some of you might have to withdraw at short notice due to changes in the security and regulatory compliance or due to personal reasons. We won’t ask you for any compensation and we will try to re-fill the position by contacting other candidates who might be interested to make use of the offers, so that the opportunity is not lost. You are also free to re-schedule the timing of your stay in according with your host if this appears to be helpful. Please note however, that we are not able to compensate for financial losses on your side (e.g. because you already bought a ticket). Hence you might not want to buy your tickets in advance. Furthermore, if you have to drop out, please let us know as soon and possible. We can then try to find a replacement.

We will monitor the situation closely and inform you as soon as possible about the possible changes  in the programme from our side.

Schedule and deadlines

Please notice: Due to the Covid-19 / Corona crisis it is not possible to provide a reliable schedule for all steps of the matchmaking process at this moment. We will decide about the exact schedule a soon as the situation has stabilized. Please be assured that we will do our best to enable you to start your internship as planned.