What Can Societal Security Experts Learn from the Baltic Science Network?

Baltic Science Network is a source of inspiration for other networks in the Baltic Sea Region. A second encounter with the Baltic Sea Region Research Network for Societal Security allowed to present the Baltic Science Network in greater detail.

On 27 March 2019, Baltic Science Network was presented to the Baltic Sea Region Research Network for Societal Security (BSR-RNSS) in Warsaw during a meeting hosted by the Main School of Fire Service (SGSP). Zane Šime, Communication & Research Coordinator at the CBSS Secretariat, spoke about the methodology applied by the Baltic Science Network in building a sustainable network. Network-building and its key components was the central topic of the presentation.

Initially, Baltic Science Network and its co-organised conference “The Baltic Sea Region – A Science Powerhouse” in Brussels were outlined to the BSR-RNSS representatives on 2 October 2018 during the BSR-RNSS kick-off meeting held at the CBSS Secretariat. The BSR-RNSS Warsaw workshop was the second encounter between the representatives of two networks interested in various multilateral research topics tailored for the Baltic Sea Region particularities.

Since Baltic Science Network was built by employing a notably diverse set of activities, methodologies for gathering stakeholder input and forms of consultations, it is a valuable example of lessons learnt for other research-oriented networks. Engagement in the BSR-RNSS Warsaw workshop was also a good example how members of the Baltic Science Network are promoting the sustainability of results delivered during a 3-year-long Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme funded project.

This was a valuable networking occasion prior to the next notable gathering, which will benefit from some insights in the progress achieved by the Baltic Science Network. On 10 April 2019, Klaus von Lepel, Baltic Science Network Project Director, will be speaking during the session “Research infrastructure for innovation” of the Programme Conference 2019 “Let´s talk! about achievements”.